Lawkholmers to Cougars - A Rugby League History

Saturday 27 th Of October 1951

Wakefield Trinity, renowned cup fighters for over half a century, were too good for Keighley in the
Yorkshire Cup Final at Fartown on Saturday and won the trophy for the fifth time. Keighley were gallant
losers, for over a hour they were as good as their opponents, but towards the end they tired perceptibly, and
hopes were ended when Trinity scored eight points in the last ten minutes.
Keighley were not disgraced and better sides than they have fallen before that pitiless Trinity onslaught in
the last 20 minutes. Until then the issue was decidedly open, and the turning point came with a Hirst
penalty goal that lifted the Trinity margin from four points to six. Then, and only then, did it seem certain
that Trinity would gey the cup. Their players sensed it and so did Keighley, with the result that the all trend
of the game changed. The young strong Wakefield pack showed its might and subjected the opposing line
to an offensive which demanded fearless tackling and a watchfulness that could not be eased for one
moment. Attack after attack was launched and at last the defence yielded, and with five more points and
only eight minutes to go Keighley’s light flickered and went out.
In that last period the players became unnerved, often they could not hold the ball and presented it to the
Trinity, their work being in direct contrast to what it had been before.

In the first half, Keighley were the better side. Each scored a good try and the sole difference at the interval
was the Wakefield conversion. There was no lack of thrills and Keighley people found satisfaction in the
work of Ivill and Redman of the backs and Brereton’s leadership in the forwards later, there were two
magnificent runs by Ward who kicked when facing the full back but was not lucky enough to reach the ball
after following up. A good share of the ball had kept the Keighley supporters happy, and the side had done
more pressing than their opponents who’s best effort apart from their try came when Boocker got clean
away for Lockwood to justify his selection by a timely tackle.
The second half looked like being a pattern of the first and then came within three minutes of each other
two penalty goals from Hirst and these discouraged the Lawkholmers. The older the game grew, the weaker
became their work and for the last period they were constantly defending, fighting not so much to wipe out
arrears as to keep the score down.
Wakefield’s young pack won the match and the strength of Howes, Robinson and Hughes, with the
powerful Hudson in the front row was something for which Keighley had no really adequate late answer.
Fletcher and Meredith were too good halfs but their three-quarter line was no better than Keighley’s, and
looking back, the instances where Keighley’s defence was at least were very few.


The whole side were triers from start to finish and they lost because they were worn down by an ideal cup-
tie side that finished as strongly as it had started. Brereton, Ramsden and Britton could not have worked
harder and they were only subdued late on by younger men.
The size of the crowd was disappointing and the game apparently did not make much appeal to the non-
partisan followers of the game. The official attendance was 25,495 and the receipts £3,227.
Here is how the game ran. Twelve minutes after the start Wakefield had a penalty and the bal was put into
touch at the corner. They won the scrummage and Fletcher served Hughes who went over unapposed near
the posts for Hirst to convert. A quarter of an hour later came a magnificent Keighley try. Brereton served
his half-backer and the ball sped out to Ivill who slipped the ball inside to Redman who scored
comfortably. Sanderson missed the goal. Near the interval Kelly found an opening and Ramsden took his
pass to reach the line. There seemed a possibility that he was over for a try but Ramsden was inches short
and when he did not play the ball properly he was penalised and so Keighley were sill 5-3 in arrear at the
A grand run by Ward and a missed penalty shot by Sanderson were keighley’s best efforts in the early
stages of the last half. Next came a Hirst penalty and three minutes later he kicked another penalty goal –
Barrett being penalised in each case. From this point one saw less and less Keighley pressure and it was no
surprise when Robinson barged over for a try which Hirst converted. Keighley were now beaten and one
minute from the end a good move saw Boocker cross for an unconverted try.
KEIGHLEY: Lockwood, Ward, Taylor, Creeney, Ivill, Redman, Barrett, Brereton, Britton, Ramsden,
Mulhall, Kelly, Sanderson.
WAKEFIELD TRINITY: Lockman, Duggan, Hirst, Froggett, Boocker, Meredith, Fletcher, Booth, Horner,
Hudson, Howes, Hopkinson? Hughes.

Referee: Mr F Smith (Barrow)