Lawkholmers to Cougars - A Rugby League History



With ground advantage and practically their strongest team available, Bradford Northern could only gain a
three point advantage in the first stage of the Yorkshire Cup Final at Odsal. The final score being one goal
and 1 try (five points) to one goal (two points). The immediate effect of this close struggle is to add interest
to the second stage at Lawkholme today, when many people will be confident of Keighley’s ability to wipe
out the three points and gain an advantage to give them possession of the cup.
The issue certainly remains open, especially when it is remembered that Keighley are undefeated at home
this season. Keighley were not at full strength on Saturday, for Reg Lloyd was absent, and it may be added
that until the last minute there were doubts about Les Jones who sustained injury at Fartown.
Though Whitcombe was out of the Bradford pack they had a powerful set on view and the Keighley six
were well matched so far as possession was concerned. In the loose Keighley were slightly the better with
Miller. Harry Jones and Farrar always to the fore with hard tackling. Foster was also effective at loose
forward. Goodall and deLloyd from whom so much is generally expected in these days had a happy
partnership, and were every bit as good as the opposing pair Ward and WHT Davies the international. It
may not have been an ideal day for Davies, yet the fact was that Towill kept a close watch upon him and
never let him get far.
Keighley’s other backs were grand in teamwork too, and altogether the Lawkholmers could claim a good
share of the days honours. deLloyd who must hold the record for hitting the posts with penalty shots, had
not much luck. He hit an upright post once and the crossbar once, the ball bouncing the wrong way in each
case. On another occasion Goodall gave him a reverse pass and Bradford were lucky to prevent him
scoring. Bradford were dangerous when speedy men like Walters and E Ward got moving, but except for
the occasion when Trevor Foster scored the one try of the game the Keighley defence never wavered.
That try came from the best movement of the day. Hutchinson started it and Walters made the running. The
goal kick failed. Not long afterwards deLloyd kicked a simple penalty goal so that Northern had a one point
lead at the interval.
The only score in the last half was a dropped goal from James. Actually Keighley did most of the pressing
this half, but could not wipe out the arrears.
The attendance was 10,500 and the receipts £757.
BRADFORD NORTHERN:- Carmichael, Batten, James, Ward E, Walters, Davies WHT, Ward D,
Roberts, Darlison, Higson, Foster, Murray, Hutchinson
KEIGHLEY:- Jones L, Caldwell, Towill, Lamb, Davies K, deLloyd, Goodall, Jones H, Cotton, Miller,
Flanagan, Farrar, Foster.
Referee:- Mr A E Harding (Manchester)

Saturday 4 th December 1943



Unsuccessful in their attempt to cancel out the three-point deficiency, with which they started the game,
Keighley failed in their bid to secure possession of the Yorkshire Cup at Lawkhome on Saturday. For
although they held their powerful Bradford Northern visitors to a draw, each side scoring one goal and one
try (five points), it was the aggregate which decided the destination of the trophy. Bradford winning it by
ten points to seven.
The Keighley directors and their followers were disappointed in thus being denied their ambition. Yet on
the days play they could not complain, for Northern easily held their own and well merited the aggregate
success. After all it was the first time in the competition that Northern had been denied victory and looking
at the competition as a whole, the Lawkholmers have much cause for satisfaction.
It was the general verdict that Keighley were fortunate to draw the Lawkholme match. All cup sides need
an element of luck and what there was going on Saturday, certainly did not come Keighley’s way, and one
can recall a dozen incidents, trivial in themselves in which Keighley could regard themselves as
For instance, Les Jones could do nothing right when it came to kicking, yet it was not the full-back play
which lost Keighley the game.
It was the lack of pace and thrust down the middle, for a quick opposition was always alert enough to nip
promising home movements in the bud before real progress could be made. Towill was the busiest player in
the line, but he was not as fast as his opponents. Davies could not get that extra inch in which to work and
both wingmen fore few chances. Northern gave no latitude to either deLloyd or Goodall, little was seen of
the latter and the former was rarely allowed to go far.
The forward struggle was titanic. Possession ran fairly evenly and in the loose the Keighley six, with
Miller, Farrar and Flanagan the pick, worked tirelessly to negative the efforts of Trevor Foster, Hutchinson,
Higson and the rest – and they did it successfully.
Territorially Bradford had the advantage, Early on they came close but they had a big shock when 21
minutes had gone, Flanagan then started a move, Davies carried it forward and put Towill in possession. In
masterly fashion Towill drew the opposition, diverting it to Caldwell and then put on that extra inch to clear
himself and cross for a delightful try. To the surprise of the crowd deLloyd failed to kick the goal which
would have put Keighley in front on the aggregate for the first time, still the arrears had been wiped out and
excitement was intense. However, three minutes late Keighley had to begin all over again for WHT Davies
nipped into the Keighley three-quarter line, stole a pass to score in the corner. Play ran on even lines until
near the interval when a succession of Bradford attacks ended in Darlison dropping a goal, so at the interval
Northern led 5-3.
Keighley were certainly up against it, but midway through the second half deLloyd revived their spirits
with a glorious penalty goal. There seemed just a chance that Keighley would pull the game round, but in
the last period Bradford were always the more comfortable side and Keighley never had another scoring
chance. On the other hand Walters and Foster came very near to strengthening the visitors position. And so
the tie ended with Northern winners on points even though held to a draw.
The match proved a great attraction. The official attendance was 9,487, the receipts being £694. The total
receipts in all Keighley’s cup-tie games have amounted to about £3,120. So that the clubs finances must
have received a welcome windfall
Teams :-
KEIGHLEY:- Jones L, Caldwell, Towill, Lamb, Davies K, deLloyd, Goodall, Jones H, Cotton, Miller,
Flanagan, Farrar, Foster.
BRADFORD NORTHERN:- Carmichael, Batten, Bitlington, Ward E, Walters, Davies WHT, Ward D,
Roberts, Darlison, Higson, Foster, Murray, Hutchinson
Referee:- Mr G S Phillips (Widnes)